Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK Free [100% Working]

The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a perfect application used to clean up the device or the smartphone in which it is being used. It also lets the owner of the device know when the device is ready to use.

The AVG Cleaner Pro helps in the smooth functioning of the device by removing the additional files, junk files, broken apps and links, and other cache files and thus, in turn, improves the speed of the device, removes the lag and also ensures that the device is in optimized condition.

The company constantly comes out with various APK updates and bug fixes which can be easily downloaded by the user from various websites available on Google search engine.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK

The best part of using this particular APK file is that the RAM Booster and the Junk File cleaner comes free of cost for the users and can be downloaded by just one tap and installed in a matter of seconds on their devices.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK 2020

The AVG Cleaner Pro is a wonderful application for all the android mobile and laptop users which enables them to increase the speed of their device by cleaning the junk and cache files from time to time and optimizing the speed.

A table giving the glance about this wonderful application is given below:

Name of ApplicationAvg Cleaner Pro Apk
Size of APK13 to 15 MB
App Version5.0.0
Parent CompanyAVG Mobile
Price to be PaidFree
Last UpdateJuly 22, 2020
Installation StepsProvided in this Article

Over the period and constant usage of the device, Junk and cache files get accumulated in the device which slows down the performance. These files also consume a lot of memory and space of the internal as well as external memory.

With the latest AVG cleaner pro-Apk, the user gets premium features like battery booster, battery saver, cache cleaner, and many more features for free.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Free

This also comes with a special AVG cleaner pro Mod file which helps the users to manage and delete the repeated and useless photos from your device. The cleaner pro mod APK offers the following features:

1. Capable of clearing the old call history. It also removes the SPAM call history from the device.

2. It helps in optimizing and increasing the battery life of the device.

3. It gives constant auto clean reminders to the users.

4. It helps in boosting the RAM of the device.

5. It automatically deletes repeated videos and photos.

6. It helps in the management of large-sized files by carefully analysing them.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Free

Features of AVG Cleaner Pro APK

The AVG Pro APK comes with a lot of spell bounding features which has uplifted its image from just a junk cleaner app to a complete one-stop solution for your device.

Below is the brief explanation of the main features offered by the AVG cleaner APK:

1. Management of Applications

The android mobile phone comes with a lot of pre-installed applications that the user does not use at all. Also, sometimes the user downloads some app and then later forgets to delete the same.

The Premium AVG Pro APK helps in managing such applications by giving a timely reminder to all the users about the last usage date and time of each app along with the size which it is consuming of the device.

In this way, the apps which are no longer of any use to the user can be easily identified and then removed from the device.


2. Extending the Battery Life

The battery life of the android device in which the APK of AVG Cleaner Pro is installed will improve overtime as this application helps in closing the redundant apps running in the background, which results in optimizing the performance of the device.

3. Automatic Set and Forget Option

The automatic set and forget option offered by Premiere Pro APK of AVG cleaner gives the users the chance to set the cleaning schedule of the device so that no manual intervention is required. This results in the regular cleaning of the device and also improves the battery life.

4. Cleaning Cache and Junk Files

The junk files and cache files are something that cannot be ignored by the users. These files are inevitable and are bound to come in the device over some time. When these files get accumulated, they reduce the performance and speed of the device.

The AVG Cleaner APK gives the option of deep cleaning the device and removing the files from it so that the memory of the device is freed and the lag is removed.

5. Cleaning Photos and Videos

Sometimes, multiple photos and videos are downloaded by mistake by the user on the device. This results in the storage of redundant photos and videos in the device, which eats up the memory.

The cleaner Pro APK helps in identifying and removing the repeated photos and videos which results in clearing the memory of the device and optimizing the performance.

6. Additional Options

Some other features which provide an add on to the lucky users of Premier AVG Cleaner Pro Apk are listed below:

1. Clean the device by just one click.

2. Automatically boost the memory.

3. Optimizing battery life.

4. Browse the app without any advertisement.

5. Managing the data consumption by the mobile.

Steps to Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK [Explained]

Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK [Explained

By now, you must have gained a fair amount of knowledge about the AVG Pro Cleaner APK by going through the article. But, the most important portion is correctly installing the APK so that it can be used smoothly.

Also, following the proper installation process helps in the safe usage of the mobile phone and ensures that the application does not become the cause of any hindrance in the future.

In this article, we are sharing the step by step guide for installing the APK of AVG cleaner pro for our special readers. Anyone, who does not have any kind of technical background would be able to install this APK easily after reading this guide.

1. The first step is to search for the desired application on the Google search engine. In our case, the user needs to enter AVG Cleaner Pro APK in the Google search bar.

2. After opening the website, click on the icon or button which displays Start the Download.

3. The downloading of the APK file will begin. Wait patiently until the download gets complete. Do not use any app in the background of the device while downloading.

4. After the Premium AVG Cleaner Pro APK has been downloaded, go to the file manager of the device and then open the file.

5. After opening the file, it will ask the user for giving certain permissions for the process of installation to happen. Provide all the required permissions and click on ok.

(Note: The device will only ask for the permissions if the APK is being installed for the first time on this particular device.)

6. The app will get installed safely. After the installation process is complete, open the app by clicking on the open button.

7. The user can start optimizing the device by clicking on the Quick Cleanup button. The cleaner will scan all the folders and present a list of all the redundant data and files which can be easily removed by the user.

(Note: It should be kept in the mind by the user that before installing this latest AVG Cleaner Pro APK on the device, the user should remove all the previous versions of the files of the same application from the file manager of the device, otherwise it will lead to complicacies during the time of installation as the overlapping of files is bound to happen.)

Final Verdict – AVG Cleaner Pro APK 2020

The AVG Pro Cleaner APK is a wonderful application for all the android users for improving the speed of their mobile phones and also optimizing the performance.

This App comes with a lot of premium features like battery saver, battery booster, junk file cleaner, cache file cleaner, apps manager, photo and video cleaner, auto cleaner, etc. which makes the cleaning process hassle-free for the user.

On the concluding note, we can say that the AVG Cleaner Pro APK 2020 is the one-stop solution for the junk and cache file cleaning process and the best application present in the market in the present date.

The user can buy the paid version of this Apk which will cost around Rs. 480/- per year or can install the mod from by following the steps given in this article.  


What is the size of the AVG Cleaner Pro APK file?

The size of the latest AVG cleaner pro Apk file is somewhere between 13 MB to 16 Mb

Is the AVG Pro Cleaner Apk safe to use in the device?

Yes, the AVG cleaner pro Apk is completely safe to use. The features provided by this application are premium and are not provided by any other similar application.

What does the Pro Mod Apk version of AVG Cleaner offer?

The Pro Mod Apk version of AVG Cleaner offers the users a completely ad-free experience, completely free access to the premium features, clean and hide the cache files, and also uses all the premium themes for free.

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